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Posted by Chuck Tribolet on March 03, 2005 at 12:34:58:

In Reply to: take my word for it posted by northcoast diver on March 03, 2005 at 12:04:39:

Karl, your word is meaningless.

Now, answer the questions, if you can. They were:

The specific questions were:

1. "I pointed out the above stuff about needing a
reserve, and you say I've never learned to choose
the proper tank size." How much of a reserve
is required, Karl?

Where did you post how to set a reserve? What's the
URL? All I remember is you pontifcating that an
80 was enough and some calculations that it had
enough gas to do the PLANNED dive. No factor
for when stuff happens. And stuff does happen.

2. "Somebody asked about why you were using 50%
for deco on the first dive of the "best mix"
series, and you just never answered." What about
that 50% deco, Karl?

You didn't address this one at all. FTR, it was
brought up in

3. "I pointed out that you were doing a no stop"
ascent to the surface, and you never answered."
How do you justify a no-stop ascent, Karl?

The dive planning software allows for stops
because you have posted profiles done with the
same software that has stops. So why did you post
an unsafe no-stop profile?

And you are WERE kicked out of Diving Singles for
unrepentant unsafe diving on a club trip. Your
"I quit coming" response is is the same as "You
can't fire me, I quit." You were kicked out, plain and simple.


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