Re: And the SEXISM thing again... :)

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Posted by Dave on March 22, 2005 at 05:54:07:

In Reply to: And the SEXISM thing again... :) posted by Hilary on March 21, 2005 at 23:32:42:

"AS a female tho....(I'm ready to duck...I know people will disagree with me...)"

What, there are people who will disagree that you're a female?! ;)

"There IS sexism. Elaine was 100% on the target when she posted that. I've been on dive boats before where I noticed it right away. And she received a very inordinate and(IMO) ridiculous amount of criticism for that dive"

Yeah, but no doubt from the DIR guys! Failing to have a 2nd stage hose length of a certain length as specified in Section 4.2.c as amendmended is punishable by permanent banishment and confiscation of your Halcyon equipment.

"when the next post from a guy with a similar profile didn't get the same reaction. "

But people are statistically programmed to know that just about everyone who has dangly crap slathered all over them doing bizarre profiles clad in black while blathering about gas mixes, Beulhman v Haldean algorithms and variable permeable bubble models just has to be a guy! Who else would care about all that crap! Women don't care about that !@$#! They just want us guys to feel their pain! ;)

"Whether men are more willing to criticize women...or it was just the mood at the time of the posts...I don't know."

I trust you mean in a dive setting, as bashing men is the National Sport in the U.S. From U.S. Government sponsored sexism of the draft or where they pass 14th Amendment violating bills called the Violence Against Women Protection Act that ignored the fact that men are 6 times more likely to be the victim of violent crimes, to funding breast cancer research remarklably more then prostate cancer research even though about as many men will die as women will.

"For guys to go long and's macho (In the eyes of some)"

It has been my personal experience that women like guys who can go long and deep. ;)

"For's irresponsible." Any woman that can "go long and deep" probably wear levi's, a checkered lumberjack shirt, has a short feathered mullet and knows K.D. Lang songs a little too well for my comfort or is a functioning hermaphrodite.

I'm not saying this is the case ALL the time, but it does, unfortunately, exist.

News Story, API Press, Los Angeles-"Lastl night a 36 year old Studio City homeowner was killed by an armed intruder wherrein the resident was shot while trying to protect______ family from the intruder."

Admit it, your mind filled in the blank based upon statistical reality, and you filled in the blank as "his". Is that "sexism"?

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