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Posted by Elaine on March 22, 2005 at 10:15:35:

In Reply to: Re: Dive reports; Yea or nay? posted by Instructor 10 on March 22, 2005 at 09:36:34:

"Max dive reports are fine. In fact that is all this board has become. There is no information here, no sharing of idea's. Just pretty pictures and fluff."

Read this and your prior posts. Pretty pictures and fluff are all that you feel is appropriate.

"Here we have a diver, diving to 144 ft., for 38 mins., solo, on air. And we shouldn't say anything because it's a dive report. And we don't want to hurt anyones feelings."

If you want to discuss depth, solo vs buddy, air vs Nitrox, do it under your own posts and under your own name. Don't promote yourself as a self appointed "protector". Each issue has its own merits, and disparate viewpoints and can be discussed as such.

"You guys are the most PC divers I have ever seen."

No, there is just common courtesy and the willingness to make sincere posts of diving related issues. It is one thing to bring up an issue of the 130 foot recreational depth limit that you cite and another to judgementally tack it onto some ones trip report.

Don't you see the problem here? Or are you cowboys and cowgirls?

Is anyone who doesn't dive like you a "cowboy" or a "cowgirl"?

And back to the beginning:

"There is no information here, no sharing of idea's".

This is a forum where YOU can post information and share ideas. Put up YOUR own posts, be prepared for YOUR ideas to be discussed. There is diversity in diving and diversity in the ways that people feel comfortable diving.

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