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Posted by Dwill on March 24, 2005 at 16:30:05:

Ok, I have some questions...

First I was only being a little light hearted with my "DIR" post.
I didn't attack anyone, didn't even mention anyone.

I didn't say anything bad about DIR, made a little joke, poking fun at MHK. He sent me a PM an laughed about it. If you want and he doesn't care I'll post it.

It seems to me the problems on this board come from within more than from the outside.
Want a recent example.

I put up a post in jest and Frank call me names I won't even repeat.
That post stays up for all to see, why is that Frank even felt the need to call me names, I didn't mention him in my post and when I do mention Frank, it's not in any sort of negative way so why go after me. The post stays up because someone "forgot" their pass word...I almost beleive that...NOT.

What I do beleive is that the post stayed up as bait for Mike or someone else from the other board to commment on and then those on this board would cry about being attacked by the other board.

Want another example; why whenever someone questions something done on this board that maybe could have been done in a different way, maybe even a safer way, why is that Seahunt always trys to drag MHK into and DIR into the "discussion" even though MHK never posts to this board anymore.

Yet another example and a question. Why is that when Seahunt finally gets MHK to comment on something, why then does he have to post things like MHK broke the "agreement" on the "truce" between the two boards.

What "agreement" and "truce"...if there is one why is it Sergio knows nothing of it, after all it's his board.

Could it be that no one knows about this "agreement" because it doesn't exist??? Could it be that it was made up by someone over hear for some reason.

You want peace...don't throw stones.
You want peace...try not attacking someone who is obviously not being serious.

You want peace...(Elaine) try not going after someone and calling them a sockpuppet with no value; when all that person did was point out something that could be of benifit to you (without name calling, judging or anything else) with good intention. By the way as Ross corectly pointed out, most people hear know who I am, so I'm hardly a sockpuppet.

Just an observation, but, IMO I think some of the people, if not all of the people that run this board enjoy all of this.

If not why do they start it....

Okay, back to lurking and joking. BTW Elaine, I really enjoy reading your dive reports and looking at the pictures you take. You have a talent with photography. I'm sorry if I said something in the thread about your dive to upset you. I really didn't mean to do that, my comment about the anchor line was sincere not a put down or an attack.
But I guess I'll keep anything that might be helpful to myself.

After all most on this board would rather listen to "stuff" (see I didn't use a bad word there) like "you can treat DCS with aspirin and bed rest" posted by some (fill in the blank)that can actually get you hurt.

That's the kind of "stuff" that should get deleted.

Anyway I have work to do, you guys have fun...

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