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Posted by Elaine on March 24, 2005 at 23:59:14:

When I post a trip report I spend anywhere from 8 to 14 hours on it. It is an enormous amount of work. I also have a full time job and responsibilities - just like everyone else. I don't get paid for writing trip reports. I don't get free trips for writing trip reports
- with one exception - Chris did send me in his place on a trip that he could not go on - a Christmas Gift. I am a diver just like everyone else.

I have my own interests and have figured out my equipment and my diving needs so that I can accomplish what I want underwater - just like everyone else does. There is nothing "cowgirl" about any of it. It has all been thought out, paid for, and planned for, for over 15 years. It may not be "your way", but the reason that it isn't is that it doesn't work for me. Diving involves risk. I have minimized the risks to the risks that I feel comfortable with, in my own way.

Others who take the time to post trip reports on this board also put a lot of time and effort into them. This BBS gets some excellent contributions - that are exactly that - contributions. The people who take the time to contribute don't do it so that they can be "targets" to sock puppets. They don't need the extra irritation in their lives.

People who post reports are not obligated in any way to post anything at the demands of anyone. The future value of the contributions that the serious posters make can not be foreseen at this time - this is the first time in history that the Internet has provided a means of historical archive.

Destructive sock puppets offer nothing - now or ever. I hate to see what is posted on this board to be controlled by immature individuals who can't even take responsibility for their posts. I

Be nice to the people who willingly spend their time sharing their experiences with you. This forum is not like "Skin Diver" where unless you were "on staff" you could forget about having whatever it is that you have to offer set out for public exposure. It is a forum open to everyone, with an open invitation to everyone to participate. Use this opportunity if you have any desire to share your experiences - it is a blessing of our technology. It is also a freedom that is worth working to protect.

Shun the sock puppets. Post responsibly.

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