Re: Some difference in story, but totally my fault.

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Posted by scubalaurel on May 13, 2005 at 12:05:10:

In Reply to: Re: Some difference in story, but totally my fault. posted by TomR on May 12, 2005 at 23:44:14:

I didn't name you, you could have kept your anonymity. Sorry about that, too. I just don't beleive in trying to hide. Not that it matters, as someone on this board knew who you were talking about, anyway. I'd rather come clean and be forthright. I messed up. Not you. You did everything text book. This does fall on me. That's part of being human and part of life.

Yes, miscommunication. No the plan was not to share air. However, as I am accustoned to doing so, the air share did not freak me out as it had you. This was my fault. Which, again, I am VERY sorry for.

I should've ended the dive with more air (again, something is up with my reg/spg), was collecting mussels for my science class (I had ok from DFG). I should've collected earlier in the dive. I should've taken into account it was your first night dive. I wish I had known that when you first contacted me about joining me for the dive. You didn't tell me until we were on our way down to the water. We did discuss turn around air. We did discuss getting seperated. So, we did some things right. I, too, learned a few lessons.

I think the signals were confused. I think as divers when something comes up, one needs to stop, think, and breath. Not panic. When you were fumbling with you reg and air 2, you were panicked, rightfully so. But panic doesn't help anything. Gotta move forward calmly. Probably another reason I was "nonchalant" as you put it.

When we were outside of the mussel bump, along the sand, we were in 20 ft of water. Inside the crevice, it is also 18-20 feet of water. Where we were was over the bump when we ascended.

BTW, reg is in for another service. I had asked my dive shop to service the SPG last time (in November), turns out they didn't, so that, too may have played a part?

We do live and learn.

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