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Posted by Mojo Mike on May 16, 2005 at 20:07:29:

In Reply to: Re: Doesn't the Wheel do computations for multilievel diving. posted by Eric S on May 16, 2005 at 07:49:05:

There are several reasons I was not impressed with it. Remember I have never dove with it. I just played around burning time and did make believe dive profiles. Yeah, I was really bored at the time. The things I disliked.

1. More work and cumbersome than the tables.

2. Not realistic multi-level diving.

3. Full of frivous gotcha rules. That need to be memorized.

4. Easy to make a mistake with.

5. I may lean to the liberal side politically, but my dive provile is conservative all the way. I add fudge factors for age, physical condition, temperature, hangovers, etc. The wheel tries to increase bottom time. By my opinion, in a unsafe manner.

6. Most of my diving is high altitude. Which the wheel is no good for. I also add a huge fudge factor for my high altitude tables.

7. I just do not consider the Wheel a safe tool. I am surprised that PADI swears by it.

8. Of course, I bet PADI would say. I wasn't trained by a professional. Or I would like the wheel. Yeah, sure.

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