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Posted by Dave on May 23, 2005 at 19:44:53:

In Reply to: Terrorists come in all colors posted by Max Bottomtime on May 23, 2005 at 16:30:55:

"Terrorists come in all colors", eh?! Sounds like some politically correct psychobabble designed to deflect the utter reality that all the 9/11 guys were Arabs.

Reminds me of the radical leftist upsucking puke apologist media (ok, so that was sugar coating it) during the L.A. Riots where they proclaimed "people of all races are rioting".

Yeah, like 5000 negros, 15,000 mexicans, 3 pacific islanders,2 caucasians and .5 japanese guys (he was missing one arm so only counted as half)

That idiot Cybill Sheperd chided Arsenio Hall when he asked if the L.A. Riots were in her area (Beverly Hills) She said she preferred to call it not a riot but an "uprising". I guess those mexican guys who broke into the Korean mom and pop furniture store that had just "Uprose" that couch right onto the roof of their car driving off were really protesting against police brutality! Or maybe when those black supremacists racist thugs crushed Reginal Denny's skull and the caucasian hating DA refused to charge them with a hate crime, well hey, that brick that crushed his brain into mush was just a form of political protest!

I had half a mind to go over to Cybills house and uprise her stereo, her cars, her jewelry and her furniture, and of course, uprise it all in the name of Rodney King.

Now, lets get back to searching little 5 year old blonde white girls with blue eyes in pigtails and pink barbie backpacks in airports like I have seen, after all, we can't offend the sensibilities of our arab terrorist citizens.....including offending the Muslim faith by asking the terrorist men to remove their all covering burkas for their passport photos, drivers license photos and airport insecurity checkpoints.

Ever listen to the idiots on the p.a. systems during aircraft boarding? They say anyone 18 or over must show ID, you know, the genuine DMV ones with the insecurity holograms that can be bought in McArthur Park for $300, in the meantime, all arab terrorists wearing allahu-ahkbar!, death to america the great satan t-shirts 17 years 11 months or under need not show ID....

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