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Posted by Divinotter on June 16, 2005 at 17:19:22:

I was talking with my dive buddy who's thinking about the phiosophy of diving and it made me want to post about dive buddy's and what to look for in one

Dive Buddy's

- Choose one who will wash the dive gear when you get home-

- Make sure they know how to get everywhere in LA so you donít need a map to ports or beach dive spots

- Make sure they love you Ė so they really will check your gear

- Eagle eyes help Ė so they will find discarded lights and weights

- Try to find one of the opposite sex so you can sleep with them on dive boats

- Get someone as interested as you on the philosophy of diving so you can discuss it regularly

- Find one with similar philosophy so your dive plans donít conflict

- Make sure they donít need a new toy all the time Ė so you can actually use their camera when on trips and donít have to take two

- Get one who wonít argue with your choice or need in gear Ė if you need it Ė you can get it, but they will still discuss the pros and cons of it- including cameras

- Make sure your buddy packs light Ė so you donít have to.

- Get someone with the same enjoyment level Ė so you donít drive each other nuts deciding to make or skip a dive

- Same goes with travel- find someone who is happy to go anywhere in the long run

- Make sure they disdain drysuits and big tanks

- Make sure they are willing to undergo ongoing training with you Ė so your skill levels are compatible and your knowledge is within reason of each other Ė not necessarily Ė experience but how that experience manifests itself in the day to day diving

- Make sure they only charge you a dollar when you make bets with them

- Make sure they are bigger than you so they will sometimes carry the tanks.

- Choose someone with patience so they donít get angry with you when you turn off their air instead of on

- Find someone who has a bigger save a dive kit than you Ė you benefit, but donít have to haul it.

- Make sure they donít mind stopping at Mc Donaldís for an egg mcmuffin on the way to an early am dive- very important

- Try to get someone who can navigate Ė especially if you stink at it.

- Try to have the same swimming speed so you donít always have to struggle to keep up

Most important Ė Find one with a sense of humor so they donít get angry when you post this on diver.net

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