if you read the original post carefully

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Posted by North Coast Diver on June 21, 2005 at 17:06:57:

In Reply to: I'll take that as a no. posted by Chuck Tribolet on June 21, 2005 at 16:03:55:

If you read the original post carefully, from 4 years ago, you can answer your own question, with your own eyes.

It takes a lot go get me to call DAN or to visit an ER. Definitely more than type 1 symptoms. For the rest of you pussycats, do whatever pleases you. Maybe you all go for the nurses? Maybe they comfort you like your mothers did, and you like that.

Dont forget that I have been diving 10 years longer than you Chuck, and probably 20 years longer than that other wimp SteveO.

And once again you are off topic by the way, you, and that wimp SteveO.

The issue of this thread was what to do.

The answer is to have your DAN card handy.

An ancillary problem arises from undertained divers like yourself playing a D/M on the internet wherein all you succeed in doing is confusing other divers who are unwary enough to listen to you.

I fully expect that SteveO is a high school drop out, from the sound of his posts. But you Chuck should be able to think, with all your years at Stanford. Therefore you ought to be able to focus on a main issue, and keep your mind from getting sidetracked, and keep your mouth from continuously embarrasing you and making you look like a high school drop out as well.

Not that there is anything wrong with dropping out of high school. Just that SteveO's problem is obvious, and you on the other hand should know better than to get off topic.

It also would help your credibility Chuck if you would refrain from lying and exaggerating. That in fact makes you look like a junior high school drop out when you do it. And poor SteveO the high school drop out then gets all confused as he believes your every word.

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