Dive report; Marineland

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Posted by Max Bottomtime on June 25, 2005 at 15:00:13:

Date: 6/25/05
Dive Location:Marineland
Time: 8:34
Bottom Time: 30 minutes and 1:04
Max Depth: 54
Wave height: 1-8
Temp at depth: 49F
Tide information: Low tide at 7:00
Gas mix: Air (21%)
Comments: Layed a line out to Headhunter Reef, aka the old pier platform. I've made four of those surface swims and I'm very happy to report that I won't be doing it again any time soon. I tied one end of the line to a rock that has the kelp plant that is located in 15-18 feet on the east side of the cove. It's the last kelp you see until you get to Catalina if you are heading south. From there the line stretches at 150 degrees until it begins to rise off the sand and the platform appears out of the gloom.
As I was heading back in I saw a large Mantis shrimp, about eight inches long completely out in the open. My camera wouldn't work again, so no pictures. I managed to figure out what the problem was. The aluminum ring on the outside of the dome port was partially unscrewed, letting in just enought salt water to mess with my plans. I cleaned and fixed everything when I got home. My fingers are crossed for tomorrow. I really want to get some images of the platform so I can go back to diving the nice reef off the point.
When I arrived at my truck to switch tanks, Claudette was just pulling up from an earlier dive at Malaga Cove. She put on her drysuit (smart girl) and joined me for a long, relaxing trangular dive. We swam out to the platform, this time underwater. :D
We found a nice Cabezon and Claudette played with another Hermit crab. Near the platform was a pile of Kellet's Whelks munching on a recently deceased halibut. We then headed across the sand toward the east reef. Along the way, and it's a long way, we found an octopus using a single blade of kelp as its daytime hiding place as well as many large holes left by feeding Batrays. Claudette also found a nice piece of silver from some long ago shipwreck...well, OK, it was a fork. We finally made it to the east reef and turned to swim into shore. We exited near the cave and were in less than knee-deep water when I heard the rumble of a large wave. I rode in the rest of the way on my knees. Claudette got a good look at the wave. It was eight feet high and filled with white foam and three tons of gravel. We made it out alive, but it took longer than usual to wash my gear today.
We had close to 15 feet vis at the platform in 49F water. Near shore we found a patch of zero vis for about a minute.

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