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Posted by seahunt on March 14, 2000 at 09:10:36:

Hey There,
Those of you who have been reading the board for a while will know that I occasionally like to post essays, usually about the great California diving.
My goal is to re-create some of the visual and emotional experience of some terrific diving. Most of my essays then end up on my web site at www.access1.net/seahunt. There are essays by others there as well and essays about diving far beyond California. The other stories are selected for their ability to take the reader with the diver.
Well, I've been working on a couple few essays and I think that they are now ready for posting. Ready as they will ever be. In the final essay, I will
also try to achieve my other goal of leaving the reader scratching their head.
I hope you enjoy the reading, seahunt
First essay is a letter from a friend. It's not by
me at all. I can say that I was the first person
to take him out scuba diving... long long ago.
Well, I would say he has learned to dive, but also
read this and see how well he has learned to have

seahunt........I just got back from a killer trip on the Westerly to Santa Barbara Island. I feel compeled to brag. We caught a perfect break in the weather for both days.The boat had 15 divers and the total bug count was 60.....yours truly got * of them. * on 8 dives on day one and * on 5 dives on day two. On the last dive of the trip I ran into Shel underwater as I exited a hole with my tank off. He signaled to me "where's your game bag?". I had left it on the boat. So I figured if I caught any lobsters I'd tie them up with a cord I keep in my weight belt as a fish stringer or else put them under my weight belt. I did just that. I ended up with 3 bugs tied in a bundle with the cord attached to my waist clip, 2 bugs on my stomach tightly pinned under my weight belt, and the last one ( a 4 pounder ) I just held by the tail with my left hand and let him cling to my left forearm with all his legs ( which he did faithfully) until we got back to the boat. I passed up another 4 or 5 legal bugs on the way back to the boat because I had nowhere else to put them! The guys on the boat were pretty amused with the sight of me returning to the boat looking like I was being attacked by a sixpack of killer lobsters. Obviously I had a great trip...............

PS. Later, he mentioned to me that he could have probably put one under his shoulder strap. s

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