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Posted by kelphead on April 22, 2000 at 20:25:53:

In Reply to: someone to dive with posted by Ken on April 22, 2000 at 15:59:49:

ken, i know exactly what you mean. i came to giving
up on scuba diving altogether on several occasions
shortly after i got certified. i, too, starting diving
regularly a year after i got certified.

it's really hard trying to find regular buddies in the
beginning (thank God that i do have them now--maybe i
shouldn't take them for granted and actually get my butt
in gear soon!!!), but the one thing that you can do for
yourself right now on the way to making regular/permanent
dive buddies is to just show up on a boat and hook up w/a more
experienced buddy then and there.

that's how all of my early diving was. sure, i never
did get to see them again and i was little disappointed
in that they weren't regular buddies, but at least
i got the chance to practice my skills--and that's
what's important to you at this time, right??!!

so, don't be shy AT ALL in just buddying up 'last
minute' on a boat. in fact, you may want to recruit
the nice dm to help you--worked for me.

alternatively, there are some clubs you can join
(i never did b/c their meeting times were never
ever convenient w/my schedule). if you have the time,
then find a dive club in your area and get together
w/them--check out the dive club listings in the free
'california diving news' mag that you can pick up at
the dive shop.

additionally, some dive stores will actually put together
beach dives on certain days at certain times. this
is separate from a dive club altogether. some shops
will just say meet us at the shop/dive location at such
and such a time on such and such a date and whoever
shows up will end up diving together.

there is also a dive club called the 'sandeaters' where
they will list which beaches they will be at on
certain dates and all you do is just show up there.
so, it's a dive club, but w/o the weeknight meetings.
you just show up and dive w/them. their web addy

best wishes and i hope to see you out there sometime.

= : )


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