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Posted by MHK on May 01, 2000 at 15:24:23:


You seem to be the spokesperson for the Dream so don't you think it's appropriate for a statement??

None of us who dives these water's frequently ever wants to see a fellow diver have any problem. But when it does happen we should analyze it to see what can be learned.

I also have some questions about the boat's policy's and safety procedures..

1) Do you have a chase boat?? If so, was it deployed??

2) Is there an emergency recall on the boat?? If so, how quickly can you recall up to 90 diver's??

3) How many diver's do you let on the rigs at one time??

4) What is the ratio of Dm's to diver's??

5) Can you give a detailed description of what happened vis-a-vis I understand the DM's were on top of the situation quickly ( thankfully ) but as a DM I'm trying to picture what happened. My understanding ( and I fully admit it is 2nd or 3rd generation information which is why I'm asking ) is that a diver surfaced, waved and then the dm went in but was unable to get to the diver before he descended?? IS that accurate?? I also heard a report that he surfaced gave an ok but couldn't kick back against the current and by the time the other's surfaced he was blown into the current and you couldn't find him??

Are either of these accounts correct??

6) Were you tied to the rig or was it a live boat??

7) Was there a recovery effort??? In other words, did you send someone down to see if he may have gotten hung up on the pilings??

8) Any other information that you can provide...

Given all the attention that the Bill 241 is generating and that the summer diving season is upon us any information you can provide that we can all benefit from is welcomed..


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