Does it have to be scheduled, or can I wait untill I need it?

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Posted by Wayne on May 05, 2000 at 17:06:46:

In Reply to: Chamber Day/Eve Success - Who Want To Do A Chamber Dive? posted by tleemay on May 05, 2000 at 14:32:56:

Of course I think the real reason that I deserve to the Chamber rider is because I want to try activities that test mental quickness and see if it is possible to measure my own tolerance to PPN2 in a no-stress environment and see if it is linear.

Of course beyond the curiosity factor, I am sure one of my kids will do a science fair project with it. In fact, they ought to do the "dive". This year my middle-school daughter won the science fair with her Boyle's Law experiment. She took an inverted graduated cylinder to various depths and measured the reduction of the trapped bubble. She compared this to mathematical predictions. My High school daughter is doing a similar one, but incorporating Archimedes Principle so that bouyancy and Boyle will be worked simultaneously.

The real reason they do these is it allows their friends to see the cool U/W photos of them taking the data while diving. The non-divers are always impressed. OK, I admit it, EVERYONE is impressed with my cute kids!

So PLEASE let us do that dive!

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