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Posted by seahunt on September 20, 1999 at 11:26:51:

In Reply to: Lobster!!!!Help!!! posted by Marta on September 20, 1999 at 01:38:51:

Lobster hunting is a fun wild sport. It's largely
about how fast and how lucky you are. The object
is to swim around and and when you see a lobster,
you grab it as fast as you can. Easier said than
done. You might want to look at
for stories that may give you some tips, but anyway
you look at it, it takes, practice, skill and luck.
It will teach you some great diving skills as well.
Enjoy the diving, seahunt
PS. Here's something from my website...
Note that I usually refer to lobster as bugs. I think that that
is far better than calling them large saltwater cockroaches.
I was once asked why I like lobster diving so much. I had to
think about it for a while. Explaining or describing the excitement
and fun of the sport is difficult, but you can be sure that I would
come up with some description to give you a picture.
Think about a gigantic, very cold building, full of rooms filled
with clutter, strewn furniture, hardware, machines, plants, holes
through the walls and a couple of rats. Now lobster hunting is just
like running in and out of these rooms, looking for rats to grab. You
gotta be quick and really run through this building. You have to try
to suprise them, but they are wary. It can even be more fun doing it
at night with a flashlight. If you can run fast enough, you might even
be able to keep warm. If you get really lucky, you can grab ahold of a
really big rat.
I hope this explains why we like lobster hunting so much.

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