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Posted by kelphead on May 18, 2000 at 15:48:27:

i don't know how many of you remember that thread about sb241 that caused such a raucous on this board, but in one of my posts in that thread i had alluded to some literature that i had read in a conservation mag re:the status of marine fisheries worldwide.

i KNOW i'm not the only one who has thought about being selective in what seafood we eat and which seafood we should back off due to overfishing pressures, etc, but i did suggest it in one of posts in that thread.

i also mentioned that i had lost the article and couldn't remember where i had read it or which seafood to lay off at the market/restaurant.

well, for those who are interested in doing the same and who aren't aware of it, here is the site at the "national audubon society's living oceans program" which publishes the state of commercial fisheries (this is the web version of what i had read in their mag):


this is a seafood guide that can help those who are interested in sending a message to the commercial fisheries that 1) certain species should not be fished until their depleted numbers are back up or 2) other fishing techniques need to be found that are not harmful to the rest of the marine environment. i believe that this can be a way to show ourselves and others that we can indeed be responsible w/our marine resources if we have the political and economic will to do so.

i don't intend to begin a new debate here, i just wanted to pass on some info to others who are just as concerned as i am about the seafood that we eat and the current status of our marine resources.

also, here is another guide from the 'monterey bay aquarium'; based on this info (and the one above), YOU can decide how to proceed w/your shopping cart and restaurant dinner plate:


[[just click on the yellow/blue/green highlighted chart to the right of the webpage...]]

hope this helps--and bon appetit.

= : )


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