Re: Jets or Apollos?

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Posted by kelphead on May 23, 2000 at 15:14:45:

In Reply to: Jets or Apollos? posted by Viking on May 22, 2000 at 21:53:37:

i haven't tried the new 'scubapro' split jet fins, but
i did have the opportunity to try out the 'apollo
biofins' last june in key largo. a friend of mine
owns a pair and graciously lent them to me to try out.

in short, i did not find these fins to have any power
using my regular flutter kick (ie, the thigh/full
let stroke). i remembered how the owner of the fins
stroked using the 'biofins', she used a very typical
bicycle kick.

after i adjusted my kick to the bicycle kick, i noticed
instantly how much power i got. those fins were turbo
on my feet--but only if i used the bicycle kick.

i even remember my friend explicity mention this to
another buddy who just got his new pair of 'biofins'.

i personally did not care for these fins and i know
i'm not the only one b/c recently, another diver friend
was also disappointed w/the 'biofins' and has since put
them up for resale.

i am currenlty happy w/my 'mares quattro' fins, and i also
liked the 'scubapro jetfins' (traditional version)
when i compared them on the same trip that i tried
the 'biofins'.

what i've also noticed is all the posts made by other
divers re:the 'biofins'. it seems as if those who
don't have any foot/ankle/knee/leg problems and who
can flutter kick, probably w/a powerful stroke, do
not like the split fins.

those who apparently do have foot/ankle/knee/leg
problems are the ones who seem to rave about these
split fins. it allows them to gain the same power/speed
w/o having to use the same powerful kick that is causing
them physical discomfort.

again, some of these divers are literally using these
fins w/the bicycle kick; other divers claim that these
split fins are limited in the various types of fin strokes you
can use--ie, sculling, frog, etc; additionally, i've
read that some photographers don't like the 'biofins'
either b/c they are unable to maintain a position
when trying to take a picture and have to keep
kicking in a certain way.

after ~1 year of reading posts made by dozens and dozens
of other divers, i have come to the non-scientific
conclusion that if a diver has some physical problem
or history w/any part of their legs, then they will
definitely benefit from the 'biofins' (don't know
much about the performance of the split 'jetfins').

however, for those who do not have physical difficulties
and are able to use the traditional (some say the
'correct') way of kicking, then those individuals
may be disappointed in the performance of these types
of fins.

the best thing to do is to either find a shop that
will rent either pair of split fins to you, or find
someone who will lend a pair to you to try.

best wishes.

= : )


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