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Posted by HD on May 27, 2000 at 13:47:53:

In Reply to: polespearing posted by ch@nce on May 26, 2000 at 11:58:14:

Chance, the polespear is a very easy to use and productive spearfishing tool. If you are not familiar with its design here is a basic idea. Most spears are in the 6-7 foot range and are basically straight poles. If you are going to purchase one I would suggest a breakdown style. On one end is a propulsion device, usually a rubber loop. On the other end (the killing end) is the barb or tip. The spear is "loaded" by looping your thumb through the rubber band and then stretching the band upwards and along the pole. That same hand is grasped around the pole and is held in that position until it is released. Your other hand remains free unless loading the polespear. The tip or barb is then pointed at whatever you happen to be spearfishing for. You then quietly move in on the fish while pointing the end of the spear at the fish's body, usually near the gill plates to prevent wasted meat and to keep movement to a minimum. Once you release your grip, the pole is propelled forward along the inside of your palm. You must keep your thumb inside the rubber band to prevent the pole from being lost. Hopefully your aim was good and the spear tip enters the fish. Most tips have either a 3 prong (called a paralyzer tip, appropriately because it seems to stop fish cold) or a single (or multiple like a frog gig) sharpened tip with a fin which extends upon entry so the tip remains in the fish. Hopefully you keep what you kill and will place that fish on a stringer and on to the next one.

Advantages: Quick and easy loading with little down time between shots. Accurate and deadly at close range.
Disadvantages: Must be relatively close to shoot, so stealth-modes must be practiced. Some fish sizes will be a consideration.

One other thing, spears can be used for pretty big fish depending on the durability of your pole. I have hit some pretty big sheepshead (they are stupid) with a 6-footer without a problem. Halibut are a little different story but it can be done.

Good luck and hope this helps. HD.

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