Some questions and thoughts on environental soap box

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Posted by bigsurdiver on June 04, 2000 at 20:30:49:

In Reply to: Re: Killing of the white sea bass posted by Viking on June 02, 2000 at 18:57:26:

Anyone knows who owns the boat and whether they break any law? Does anyone know what the rules are regarding WSB, particularly at the location mentioned? but it seems those should be the threshold questions (and I would be interested in learning what the rules are). It seems a terrible thing to be doing it so close to shore though.

I would only observe that it's a sad commercial fact but it's not unusual for commercial boats to land thousands of fish per catch (and sadly, to discard a large percentage of the rest as by-catch).

As for Viking the fearless environmental vigilante, man, I basically support what you are trying to do but you've got to give people on this board a bit more credit. Nothing personal but I'm tired of the bombastic, knee-jerk blasting(I just saw your other post about abalone so this may reflect that--sorry). Yes, we know you care and you are not scared to blast away like a true revolutionary/vigilante. But could you take it somewhere else that cater that? Don't tell me you can't find some sites/BBS that are more oriented toward environmental activism, particularly the me-fearless-vigilante-you-all-coward brand of environmentalism which you seem to latch on.

Diving and reading about it, reading about how others do it, is one of the few quiet pleasurable activities that I engage in to get away from it all. I like diving because it's the one activity which I can immerse in the silent underwater world and can count on some peace (at least as long as my tank lasts underwater). I like this board because it furthers that goal. I like the fact that the guys here have done a good job keeping spamming down. I'll be sad if this BBS, which I believe so far is mostly about education and information exchange on diving and which I check a few times each workday, is turned to a soap box for environmental activists, be it Greenpeace (which I basically support) or loonies.

Keep it light and informative guy.

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