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Posted by Bruce on June 10, 2000 at 22:03:00:

Selling it all as a lot.

1 steel scuba tank (low pressure 72) gray

1 aluminum tank (high pressure 95) Red

1 pony bottle (not shown) yellow

1 Deep Thought full wetsuit (w/ dry suit zipper & cuffs) and matching vest (for icy cold
water diving) This is the finest, warmest and most comfortable wetsuit on the market. Has
built in “bent knees” for less fatigue and the neoprene is made under pressure equal to 3
atmospheres (90’) so it has much smaller cells. This is a commercial grade suit, ideal for the
long term underwater hunter. (like new-size XL-black & camo)

2 neoprene dive hoods (1 is a Deep Thought) black

1 pair of Wenok Sea Style booties (large) black

1 pair US Divers gloves w/ leather palms (large)

1 unused DiveSkin w/ padded spine (large) black

1 octopus rig w/ inflator hose, two Sherwood regulators, Sherwood pressure gauge, Tekna
bottom timer & Z90 depth gauge

1 spare 1st & 2nd stage US Divers regulator w/ pressure gauge & inflator hose

1 spare 1st & 2nd stage Z90 regulator

2 weight belts (1 lead & 1 soft “BB style” belt, both large) soft belt is blue

1 set of IDI Power Fins (large) blue

1 Sherwood mask & snorkel (blue/clear)

1 spare US Divers snorkel (green)

1 Ikelite compass (wrist style)

1 unused US Divers Calypso BC (perfectly new condition) black

1 Moray (New Zealand) BC (blue)

1 easy carry, low drag, roll up Lobster Buster game bag w/ bug gauge & two clips

1 crappy dive knife (they never last)

1 Aqua Craft close pin style fish stringer

1 super large dive bag (holds all this stuff) red & blue w/ black straps

Assorted spare parts (straps, rings, mouthpiece, etc)

1 flipper key ring (for fun)

If you’ve already got a facemask & pair of fins, there’s just about enough gear here to
outfit two divers. I’m selling it because I have been forced to discontinue diving. The tanks
need to be inspected, the knife has corrosion on it. The Body Glove suit has typical scars
but very diveable or surfable. The buyer is responsible for arranging shipping and/or
pick-up. This gear cost a grand total of 5675.00 when purchased. I’ll sell to the first buyer
with a reasonable offer...I don’t expect to get anywhere near what I paid for it. The Deep
Thought suit is worth the money to have tailored (if necessary) as it’s design &
construction is superior to anything else on the market. After three consecutive night dives
to 90’ in 50 degree water, I was relieved to take this suit off...I was too warm! The seals
on the arms, legs & zipper are like those used on dry suits. The tight cells of the neoprene
do not allow for water movement inside the suit. This is the ultimate dive suit!! My photos
really suck (http://www.momentoffame.com/category.html?id=27) but if you look at this
stuff in person, you will be impressed with it’s condition and overall quality. I promise. When
I laid it all out, it took up almost half my driveway and the only way I could get it all in the
picture was to stand atop a 10' ladder. This shot shows it all best.
http://www.momentoffame.com/snapshot.html?id=3966 Inquire at tackleho@netscape.net

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