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Posted by Jason on June 11, 2000 at 22:16:17:

In Reply to: Re: Monastery not that dangerous posted by Max Bottomtime on June 11, 2000 at 14:04:51:

My first time out (and 3rd and 4th dives overall),
Monastery looked flatter than Breakwater, and the
viz was 50ft. Doesn't always happen, but often
enough to make it worth a look over.

The longest steepest walk of the common dives sites
is McAbee Beach on Cannery Row. In terms of stamina
it is much harder, and it's probably on par for other
hazzards as the current tends to push you north towards
the rocks. If you don't do something stupid, the
only danger (besides the twice a decade shark attack)
is the surf exit and entry.

I've gotten my ass kicked there before on a marginal
day. (pics at showing the crawl, and
the waves) But most days I walk out with my fins in
hand. I certainly don't recommend that to the less
experienced; if you fall in the surf zone without fins,
your day may get bad quick. But because the surf zone
is so short, it's pretty easy for anyone to punch
through it.

If you're on the north end, you can do the long kick
out to the wash rock (dial your depth up to 2000), or
you can start the dive in 15ft only thirty yards
from shore. Both make very good dives. On the south
end, the waves will generally be smaller, but you'll
need to kick a bit before dropping down. Don't dive
in the middle; the waves will kick your butt, and there's
essentially nothing to see.

The main trick to Monastery is bringing a local friend.
After that, it's a cakewalk. You just sometimes go
months without actually getting in, depending on how
often you show up to try. The last big set of deaths
for Mortuary Beach was a non diving family posing for a
picture. A big wave grabbed some, others died trying
to rescue. Diver deaths there tend to be the usual for
our state - heart attacks among them.

The short octo on a necklace is particularly appropriate
here. Not only does that position keep the monsterberry
pebbles out of the second stage, but should you lose your
main in the washing machine, you can find the second one.

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