kelphead gone solo yet?

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Posted by kimo on September 30, 1999 at 14:42:43:


If you have yet to go solo, you may want to
make a journey down to La Jolla cove, where I
comfortably enjoy solo diving.

A few of the reasons:

No law against it (at least not enforced).

The lifeguards will notice you but not
question you.

The water is shallow and you can have
a very enjoyable dive without losing sight
of the surface.

There are always scores of snorkelers in the
water above you. Though you are solo
diving, you really are not "solo".

Sharks? No man-eaters, but I have found
3 foot horn sharks and guitarfish between
the rocks and amongst the eel grass less
than 100 feet from shore.

The surge is fun as your fly through
the thick eel grass and between the big
rocks. Just watch your flight path for

Oh, and those big rocks hide hundreds of
big lobster that know they are safe.

The ever playful kelpfish hide in the
eel grass. One large kelpfish
can keep me entertained for an hour.

Did I mention all the fish?
Bring food to feed them, but beware,
some of those 2 foot bass get aggressive.

A great place to pick a fight with
a Garibaldi.

Did I mention the shallow water?
Near endless bottom time when you are
only 15 feet down..

All this fun less than 50 yards from shore.

And your loving non-diving hubby can enjoy
your dive from the surface above.

Happy dives...

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