Catalina Chamber benefit dive

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Posted by MHK on June 26, 2000 at 12:25:33:

MHK and the Great Escape
Catalina Chamber Benefit Dive
Osborne Banks
September 17, 2000

The following is the game plan for the trip on the Great Escape. Tim has agreed to a reduced charter fee for this trip. I am charging $100 for the cost of the trip, food and air will be additional. All proceeds above the charter fee will be donated to the chamber.

Assuming the weather cooperates we plan on doing 2 dives at Osborne Banks. Osborne is considered an advanced site and only experienced divers qualified at diving depths of 130’ or greater should sign up for this trip. We will require a certification card for the planned dive. In other words, we will allow trimix diving for those certified in trimix. We will allow 100% oxygen for those certified in the use of 02. We will NOT allow diver’s not certified to dive mixes above their certification level. There will be NO exceptions to this policy so please do NOT ask.

Given the advanced depths at this site we intend to run the following schedule:

Gate 1 will open at 7:00am and will close at 8:00am. We would request that any trimix diver’s or any diver’s requiring decompression obligations be prepared to enter the water as soon as the gate opens. After all diver’s are back on the boat we will close the gate for a three-hour surface interval. I (MHK) will be making a trimix dive during this SIT so there will be no diving during this period of time. (I will discuss the liability issues should anyone have any questions in this regard.).

The second gate will open at approx. 11:00 and will close at 12:00. As soon as all divers are on the boat we will return to San Pedro.

The above is all based upon weather, so if the weather does not cooperate we will need to adjust the schedule. More than likely we would go to Santa Barbara Island. However, as with any dive, we cannot control the weather. Inasmuch as I have received substantial interest regarding trimix dives, those divers’s must understand that if the weather doesn’t cooperate and we must go to alternative sites that may not correspond to the planned dive/mix we will NOT offer refunds. This event is about raising money for the chamber so please understand this prior to signing up. Furthermore, the Great Escape does NOT provide hydrocarbon free air, so anyone diving Nitrox, 02 will need to bring their own gases.

Staterooms will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. ( Staterooms A,D & F have already been confirmed ). We reserve the right to approve all potential diver’s due to the extreme depths of this site.

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