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Posted by John Walker on July 06, 2000 at 23:27:24:

In Reply to: JOHN WALKER!... posted by kelphead on July 06, 2000 at 18:40:55:

Kelphead, you did throw me off because I never attacked you as it seem to me that you felt. I replied under you post because yours was the last I read. I was promted to reply because Dean was getting responses from someone who obviously doesn't know his head from his ass as far as diving goes.
1. As far as not responding to seacunts message as soon as you would like is because I do not sit on my ass behind a computer all day as some of you obviously do and have been quit busy.
2. I've been in the diving industry a long time and know of the insults that dive training agencies and so called experts have placed on the diving community as a whole. If you can't handle my opinion perhaps you shouldn't be posting. I can promise you I have more diving experience in the last three months than you've had in you entire little diving life.
If I come off a bit pompous that because listening to nonesense advice from strokes like you hits home after seeing all the accidents I've seen in the last 23years I've been diving. The last 16 years as an instructor teaching the exact things some on this list are inquiring about like "is three a crowd" in invironment from recreational ohi cave and wreck, mixed gas. If you didn't know, these can be some of the most intense diving invironment our sport can ever experience and require constant study to stay as safe as possible. This is my specialty.
By the way I have never had an accident with me or anyone diving with me in thoughs 23 years and doubt I ever will. You know why, I pay attention before shoting off my mouth about something I know nothing about unlike you. I'll post one more to give you an idea of where I come from.

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