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Posted by John Walker on July 07, 2000 at 17:37:51:

In Reply to: Re: Known by whom? posted by seahunt on July 07, 2000 at 15:49:40:

Seahunt, I also have FUN diving. It isn't until diver start dying is the fun lost. I can and feel I has a responsibilty to rebuttle when people giving their lame response on a deadly topic to a new diver know little to nothing about the subject. And its only because I care about the safty of all diver.
I was just replying in my first post and some of you took it offensive just as I find divers deaths offensive. Ironicly many diver hide from the offensive truth.
If you where to look at the last four deaths in So. Cal. you will see that they all have something unique in common. Their dive buddies where not their for them. If their buddy(s) where with them each of these divers may very well still be here.
I obviously felt, and still do, that posting the reality of our sport such as fatalities is quit appropriate when others continue to die, while ignoring the facts that have killed other dive comrads. Accident analysis is used by many orginizations but little has been done and the change has been to slow. Such information that can keep diver alive should not be ignored. I choose not to hide such valuable information.
Mention of Darren and Jerimiah Douglas's deaths was appropriate. Its just that the truth hurts you as well as me. What wasn't appropriate is that either of them died. Ignoring their deaths would also be a mistake. And I'm sure if either of them could, they'd tell you the same.

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