Re: You missed my point (not surprisingly)

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Posted by John Walker on July 09, 2000 at 00:21:39:

In Reply to: Re: You missed my point (not surprisingly) posted by Clinton Bauder on July 08, 2000 at 23:20:58:


Listen up. The guys on the rig accident where in a three man buddy team for a while but their team lost all integrity when they let one of their team mates to ascent alone. In my style of diving anyone can call the dive. We live to dive another day.
I have a large list of names as well as analysis for most of them. Its obvious that the lack of buddy support is all to often a factor in diving fatalities. I you really need it, I can share somemore stories.
In my original reply to Dean I said "in advanced diving a three man team is optimal" and something to the fact that most diver have little understanding of how to work in a team. That isn't the divers fault so much as it is the fault of the uneducated instructor(s) that trained them. I contradicted kelpy's reply because he basicly said in his opinion three's a crowd but a four man team can act as two/two man teams. Well, thats not a four man team to start with if you split the team. Some of you took my reply as a personal attack. It was'nt but "o well".
Its obvious to me that some of you would out weigh the risk of ascending with a buddy having a problem to the inconvenience of calling the dive and choose the later. After the accident analisis I've done, I choose not to take the chance and will stay with my team.
Lets forget the rule of third gas supply for now because that was not what this post was to originally be and its hard to explain this via the mail to you. My offer still stands if you want to hear it in person, and that goes for anyone.
Its past midnight now and if I mispelled anything please try to live with it. Im not writing a book, just posting to a bbs.

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