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Posted by tleemay on October 01, 1999 at 12:48:40:

In Reply to: Deep Air Diving posted by MHK on September 30, 1999 at 16:35:51:

MHK already knows this; for me it's -170' on air,
and no further. It's not a question if I could survive at -218' with a sustained ppO2
of 1.6. It's the issue of would I actually remember
what I saw and be able to react in a stress situation
should something go wrong. The equation is multiplied
*x shoul I be found doing it solo.

By coming out and saying I max out at -170'
on 21% doesn't mean I advocate deep air... look
at the track record of some of the worlds best
educated and most experienced on the; thay are
dead. Rob Palmer was an excellent example.

And the guy on the newsgroup spewing off about 400'+
on air will most assuradly be dead himself by his
own actions within the next 10 years if he continues to
push it.

What was it we learned in class about
cell rigidity and the effects N2 has on them. Can't
feed the brain cells when the fuel won't go through
the pipes, right?

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