Just had to try to get the last word in, didn't you?

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Posted by Wayne on July 11, 2000 at 00:20:30:

In Reply to: Re: Buddy Diving - Is three a crowd ? Did I start all this ?? posted by John Walker on July 10, 2000 at 23:44:49:

You just don't get it. And this is sad. Teaching is communicating. Communicating requires tuning to the right channel. When you assume a condescending position and insult others, you cause your statements to be discounted or ignored. Communication ends at that point.

I guess I will weigh in here with my opinion of what you have said and done. There is nice little sport called SCUBA. It is fun and can be enjoyed by many folks with different interests and experience levels. Not all of us want to dive alike. The training organizations understand this and that is why there are entry level courses and additional training for other activities that can be enjoyed by certified SCUBA divers. There are many reasons why we dive and many of these reasons are fulfilling and uplifting. There are some darker reasons to dive. To some it is so they can brag about theirr certifications, exotic places they have dived, or even how much better they are than other divers.

This pedantic practice of trying to be the modern Mike Nelson, an expert in all things aquatic, has harmed our sport more than all the deaths and accidents combined. It causes newbies to quit the sport for fear of embarrasment and ridicule. It causes accidents as rusty divers are afraid to ask for assistance to guidance for fear that they will be publicly humiliated.

You clearly fall into this category of haughty, self important, arrogant, divers and, sadly, instructors who are giving diving a bad name and making it more dangerous for the less experienced. Folks like you have caused DIR to have a bad name.

People and organizations teaching mainstream diving to the masses are not whores, but provders of basic services and instruction. That you choose to live your life differently does not reduce the stature of others. That you belittle others only reduces your stature.

WHile you seem to think you have great experience in diving, you should note that there are a great many of us who have more years of experience in more equipment configurations, and more diverse conditions. Not that it makes us better, but it makes our opinions valid. We have seen fads come and go. We have seen training philosophies evolve. And we have seen other divers, like you, who think their S**t does not stink. Do not get to hung up on the latest fad or style. Many have come and gone already and what we think is true today will be replaced with better understanding tomorrow. In a hobby, fanaticism tends to alienate the fanatic.

Do not get angry as your self appointed position of prophet and spiritual leader is rejected by us, the great unwashed. If you feel your mission is to lead us out of darkness and perversity, then take some time and develop leadership skills and entreat us to follow. In the mean time, shut up and dive.

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