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Posted by Dean Christensen on July 11, 2000 at 10:38:07:

In Reply to: Re: Buddy Diving - Is three a crowd ? Did I start all this ?? posted by John Walker on July 10, 2000 at 23:44:49:

Mr. Walker,

Thank you for your response. Let me start by saying that I do respect your opinions. I also respect the opinions of the other divers that have posted in response to my original question. Obvisouly you have some important information to share that is based on your research and years of personal experience. I also believe that you are concerned for the safety of other divers. My problem is not with what you said, but with how you said it.

Mutant dive shop instructors, clown face, booty kissing, whores. Was all that really necessary ? My father retired as a Commander in the USN after thirty years of service. I have been employed as a professional instructor in the computer industry for several years and have learned a few things about leadership and professionalism. It has been my experience that a person in a position of authority ( like a dive instructor ) should command respect by their words and their actions. While your opinions are valid and worth discussing, the manner in which you have been discussing them is questionable.

All that said, I agree with you on some of the points you made. I can see how diving in three’s can be both safe and enjoyable under the right circumstances. A lot will depend on the training I receive and the training of the other divers I will be diving with. I also believe that personal experience is a valuable tool for helping to make decisions. Different divers will have different experiences with diving in three’s. The more information I can get on the subject the better. The more information I get, the better qualified I’ll be to make my own decisions. I don’t think anyone here expects you to put on a clown face and kiss anyone’s ass, just show some common courtesy to others.

I think Wayne said it best in his last posting – “Teaching is communicating. Communicating requires tuning to the right channel. When you assume a condescending position and insult others, you cause your statements to be discounted or ignored. Communication ends at that point”.

Thanks again for your response.

Dean Christensen
Rossmoor, CA

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