advice/opinion on dive lights requested...

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Posted by kelphead on July 11, 2000 at 17:29:37:

i have been told on more than one occasion that one does not need a 'super' light when night diving--ie, a C4 or C8 light. i was told that a regular 'uk sl4' light is good enough.

i already have one of these lights for daytime use and was going to pick up an extra one for night diving, but then i spotted (no pun intended) a 'uk300' light which is apparently new on the market(??).

this model is slim and uses 3 batteries, so, it's not as strong as the 'uk sl4' light, but it does have the same shape as the dive lights that i saw some 'dir' divers use not too long ago (ie, the slim, black ones that they attach to their shoulder harness).

since i may be thinking of getting a 'halcyon' myself, i thought that this style/shape of dive light would be ideal since i can attach it the same way (as opposed to dangling off my b.c. now via a male/female 'fastex' clip).

does anyone have any experience w/this (new??) light????

the one thing that is somewhat a drawback (more of an inconvenience than anything else, really) is that the replacement bulb unit is not interchangeable w/the 'sl4' model, which means i will have to carry two sets of backup replacement bulbs.

what do you all think...?...thanx!!


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