Re: LA Dive "Season"

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Posted by kelphead on July 17, 2000 at 14:32:19:

In Reply to: LA Dive "Season" posted by skelly on July 17, 2000 at 14:18:33:

no, i'm not a 'seasoned' diver, but i'll provide my
opinion anyway (and those that have a problem w/it
will have to deal).

generally, socal diving can be done year round w/a
wetsuit--i currrently dive w/a 2 piece, but there are some
who will dive w/a 1 piece.

there are a few drysuit divers out there (year round)
but they are not in the majority, i don't believe.

that being said, i THINK the slightly warmer waters
generally tend to be during the late summer/fall months.

but, then again, it may depend upon which island
one visits and how currents tend to flow in a particular

also, you'll dive in ~55F waters until you hit
a thermocline at a particular depth which will feel
like you're freezing; but other areas may be at a
constant 60F.

anyway, i hope this helps and i'm sure others will
be right along w/their own observations. again, though,
one can dive w/a wetsuit year round in the l.a. area,
but it all comes back to how cold one gets to begin with.

best wishes and have fun!


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