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Posted by Jim on July 23, 2000 at 18:53:47:

In Reply to: Re: Discount Brain Surgery posted by on July 22, 2000 at 23:06:22:

First, Sorry still do not know who you are which is besides the point. You have to understand I talk on average of 30 to 50 divers per day. At DEMA I talk with over 100+ people per day. At the SCUBA show 200+ per day.

Anyway, the mask which you refer to as the 'Moustache mask' was not built by Ocean Master (I am sure Ocean Master is real happy to have their product slamed when it was not even their product). But was the Dacor Tri-Vista (let me help you remember: clear frame, 3 window, standard silicone mask strap & without a purge). The Ocean Master series of masks ALWAYS comes with a purge. Which is not the mask you purchased and then slamed.

So, let's see your track record with mfg's. Ocean Master (Masks & BC's even though Ocean Master has never made a BC), Dacor (which you refer to as the 'moustache mask', which is the Dacor Tri-Vista), Apollo (their regulators are either to wet or to dry & lights, not their masks), Oceanic (regulators again) & Parkway.

Wow quite a list and you say you talked with me twice at SCUBA 2000 & once at Casino night (I was there Saturday night & Sunday morning, only a 16 hour period & you would think I would remember meeting the same person 3 times in a sixteen hour period) and you did not even mention what I would consider to be a night mare of problems.

You say to ask Bill the manager of our Universal City location & I am sorry we do not have or ever had a manager named Bill for that location or any of our locations.

You say I am trying to "convince us in another way other than trying to mitigate my (your) complains in public". SORRY, PLEASE RUN THIS BY ME AGAIN. According to you we have been hanging out together all year & you havn't said a word to me.

As far as "1.4 PPo2 is safer than a 1.6" Sorry, since I have been diving for 24 years and am a Instructor Trainer and Hal who is the manager of the Universal City location & a Course Director, which are a hand full of instructors who teach other instructors how to teach and has been diving for over 15 years. Frankly, we never thought about it (maybe we were just to busy repairing these thousands of masks we must be getting back everyday).

My earlier point was that you will find the staff at DDS to be one of the most highly trained staff of any dive shop in the world. If you have any further questions call Hal (the manager of the Universal City location)he is one of the best.


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