Re: Going to Cabo, Need a dive operator recomendation.

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Posted by Eric Frasco on July 24, 2000 at 12:43:51:

In Reply to: Going to Cabo, Need a dive operator recomendation. posted by bob f on July 18, 2000 at 10:42:13:


I did some diving there about five years ago, and did a boat dive through Cabo Aquadeportes. The shop is owned by an American expatiriate, last name is Fox (can't remember his first name, I think its Jim). Don't know if he is still in business or not.

His shop is right on the beach in front of one of the hotels, the boat just pulls right up on the shore and you climb in. Diving was so-so, Gary (who also posted a reply to your inquery) was right in that there is diving off the shore that is just as fun. The local shops make a big deal about the sand fall, which I didn't dive. Everyone I spoke to said it was neat for about 30 seconds, then got boring quick.

The boat I was on just went out to the point, where it got deep quick. 100 feet easily. One of the resorts a few miles out of town had a scuba shop on the beach, I also dived there, all shallow (20 feet) and there were lots of crown of thorns starfish, and cool little box fish all over the place.

A few other interesting facts about Cabo: I stayed in Plaza Las Glorias on the other side of the harbor from the dive shop, they had a water taxi to get to the other side of the harbor.

Also, all the water in Cabo comes out of a natural aquafier and is supposed to be drinkable without treatment. In fact, they used to bill it in the seventies as such, until some of the locals figured out that they could bottle the stuff right out of the tap and sell it to the gringos (everyone knows you don't drink tap water in Mexico, right?) and make mucho dinero.

The night life is fun, but much more expensive than other parts of Mexico I have visited.

That's about it, enjoy your trip!


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