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Posted by seahunt on August 02, 2000 at 13:33:47:

In Reply to: Re: Importance of Nitrox posted by MHK on August 02, 2000 at 11:38:38:

do you know why almost all the stations that fill
NITROX, require a dedicated tank? It's really
annoying, I'd much rather use NITROX when I can,
especially for that first dive on Eagles Reef or
the High Spot. Talk about getting an edge. If I
could make my first/second deep dive of the day
with NITROX, then just get air fills (since that is
all that most fill stations pump), I would have a
great little margin of safety for the rest of the
days diving.
If it was a blend starting with O2, there could be
a problem, but these guys are almost all filling
from large bottles that are pre-blended. I cannot
see why they won't fill a normal tank for a NITROX
certified diver.
As a minor added note. In Florida I was going to
dive the Duane. At Conch Republic (otherwise a good
outfit) I asked the depth of the wreck and if it was
appropriate for NITROX. They said depth was 115 feet.
Since I am trained to only go to 1.4 ppO2, I figured
that would be pushing it, but I would be careful and
would be with other divers anyway. The deck was
actually at 105, a textbook NITROX dive. So much
for advice from the local diveshop.
Enjoy, seahunt

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