"Forget the sharks"-respondents missed the point !!!

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Posted by Fun Diver on August 02, 2000 at 14:03:12:

The orignal message poster dubbed forget-protect the sharks was right on target. He was not advocating banning shark tripsor any anti-shark sentiment in general. His message was that we as humans should not contribute intentionally to an already bad situation . To equate this with drinking and driving islike comparing apples and oranges. I think sharks are beautiful creaures, but I certainly would not turn a captured Great White or Tiger shark back to the sea knowing what the alreadingexisting threat is. To say simply-stay out of the water is a narrow and simplistic form of sarcasm. I love dogs ,but I would not turn a rabid or mean tempered one loose in my neighborhood.I think shark feeding trips are wonderful,but it is also a fact that a handfull of shark species are predators and will attack unprovoked.There are hundrededs of species of sharks,and its no way there will be a total extinction if we refuse to let the top five or so master predators not be released back to sea. A few respondents simply missed the point !!!!!

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