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Posted by JR Gordon on August 03, 2000 at 18:59:24:

In Reply to: Slang & jason responses attached posted by MHK on August 03, 2000 at 18:10:35:


Have you dived on The Yukon yet? It's absolutely beautiful and very inviting. The large white hull looms up out of the dark blue as you descend. It is truly a breath taking dive.That's one of the problems with the cave systems in the Yucatan. The beauty is so enticing and magical that untrained divers were going in a little further than they should and consequently were getting lost and dying. Today, the caves are well posted with large red stop signs at the edge of daylight zones warning divers to "STOP: PREVENT YOUR DEATH-GO NO FURTHER". Additonally, the local DM's, and experienced cavers alike all help police the caves. There hasn't been a fatility there now in 4 years. Last May I escorted 2 young (18?) single divers with 1 small flashlight out of a cave after they had penetrated in a little too far and had gotten lost. They were hynotized by the beauty and had traveled in just past the daylight zone. When we surfaced they were scared to death and grateful.

This same scenario can easily be applied to the allure of The Yukon. While I respect the personal freedoms inheritant to diving, a little education and experience could be the difference to one of our fellow divers lives. Is that asking too much of us as a group? As I stated I in a previous post, this type of wreck is new to us here in So Cal. Let's get past arguing about personal freedoms and work together to get make this wreck as safe as possible for all divers. I reiterate my belief that guided tours for penetration are in order, at least for divers inital visits to this wreck. And perhaps warning "STOP SIGNS" similar to the ones in caves could be modified and placed outside entry holes to remind divers of the dangers involved. These are relatively simple ideas that while unconventional, could save lives without major expenses.

Yesterday a very-experienced East Coast wreck diver drowned while diving an unconventional rig on The USS San Diego off New Jersey. East Coast wreck divers track record is horrendous, let's set a better example here and not wait for the loss of a fellow divers life.

JR Gordon

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