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Posted by MHK on August 04, 2000 at 09:47:52:

In Reply to: jim, you and mike and others w/similar voices... posted by kelphead on August 03, 2000 at 18:13:17:


As for the comparision to the Doria, I'll point out that the Doria sit's in international waters, which is why the govt has not already implemented controls. Even given the fact that it's in international waters the most recent govt. proposal provides for * charter's that begin in U.S waters*. SO they are really trying to control it even though it's outside there jurisdiction.

As for personal freedoms, I'm not against them. But this wreck did not go according to plan, and precautions need to be implemented.

Look at the history of caves in Florida. These same arguements were had numerous times, bodies kept getting dragged out and it's not just the poor guy that dies that it effects. Trust me if you ever have to drag a body out of the water you'll know what I mean. It stays with you..

Moreoever, boats and shops get sued and the defense isn't going to be * it was his right to kill himself*. The defense ( since you can not waive negligence ) is going to be plain and simple:

Did you know that this wreck was an overhead environment??? Yes or No. If yes, then why did you allow an untrained diver ( in OE ) dive the wreck from your boat??

Wasn't that negligent of you??? Yes, therefore all the waivers in the world won't matter. ANd all this talk about it being the diver's right to kill himself is going to be laughed out of court..

OE are a unique type of diving and should be appraoched as more than just telling a diver in a briefing to be careful. Training, education and mind set is the key, not turning a blind eye and saying it's so and so's right to kill themselves..

It's a bad and dangerous precendent and it should be addressed sooner rather than later. While I understand my position isn't popular, it is sensible.


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