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Posted by kelphead on August 06, 2000 at 12:37:02:

In Reply to: Re: want to learn to dive posted by Jason Lundy on August 06, 2000 at 03:11:56:

"I guess with every other thing in the world there are really good places and really bad places. Any advice?"

yes, you're right and here is my measly two cents.

**find an instructor you feel comfortable with
and who has plenty of DIVING experience as well
as teaching experience. don't be afraid to ask
about their credentials and diving experiences.
ask for an instructor who is patient and is a
teacher that can explain ideas clearly.

**you will likely find a difference in cost of
the course, but don't do what i did and fall for
the least expensive course--you may just get what
you paid for; however, with that being said, you
may find yourself paying the least for the best
instruction: you just have to get to know
the shop owners/employees and instructors to judge
who is worthy to teach you; in general, though,
the price of instruction can run btwn 200-300$ including

**don't sign up for a rushed course, instead, take your
time and MAKE SURE that you understand the principles of
diving very well. just as importantly, make sure you
know how to master each diving skill in the water
and tell the instructor if you need to spend more
practice time learning those skills if you need it--
don't let the instructor tell you when you're ready
to move on --> you should tell the instructor when you
are ready to move to the next level

**try to sign up for a class that carries out the
most open water dives, since these are the dives that
will truly test your mastery of skills in the presence
of an instructor (ie, 5 open water dives are better
than 4; 6 open water dives are better than 5)

**HAVE FUN!!!! don't get too stressed about learning
the skills; you need to master them to save your life
under water, but don't be too anxious about it that
you traumatize yourself; if an issue arises, just
make sure you inform the instructor and the instructor
will do almost anything to help you get through it

sorry i can't recommend a shop to you, based on my
own negative experience, but i know there are some
wonderful instructors out there--it's just like trying
to find a good mechanic you can trust: you have to
do a little looking for them.

also, choose a shop that sells a variety of mfg's
and brands so that you can try out and choose gear
that fits you, not one that the shop wants to sell you.

best wishes and i hope to see you underwater--and
welcome to the awesome world of scuba diving!!

= : )


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