mike, i believe you missed some of the sentiment from below...

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Posted by kelphead on August 08, 2000 at 19:02:04:

In Reply to: Suggesting precautions posted by MHK on August 08, 2000 at 17:15:03:

no one, at least as i read the posts, was against
suggestive precautions. what i DID gather from
the thread below was that there are folks who
are outright against regulation: whether it be
from w/in or w/out the sport.

again, i believe that NO ONE was against suggestive
precautions; the issue, if i understood it correctly,
was one of forcible regulation.

so, which side were you on again?

**suggesting precautions


**forcing regulation

there is a difference btwn the two.

as far as my perspective, i don't think that
govt is always overbearing. i completely disagree
w/that sentiment and view it from marta's perspective
(re:other laws that protect us from injuring ourselves
and wasting taxpayer $$).

so, from my own humble personal point of view, i don't
care if regulation comes from govt or from w/in
the diving industry: i would just like to see consistency
on the part of those advocating industry self-regulation.
in other words, i don't want to see hypocrites or two
faced folks implementing their own regs while bitching
and moaning about those same regs being implemented
by our govt.

so far, no one has yet answered my question in one
of my posts below as to why l.a. county's laws
re:forced dive flag and float usage and mandatory
recert every 2 years was a bad thing. i personally
think those are great regs to implement, whether
by the govt or the industry. but AS I MENTIONED
BELOW, those same people who seemed against these
very same l.a. laws now want to implement their own regs
re:diving wrecks.

where is the consistency here??????????????????

why are regs from w/in the industry any different
from regs implemented by a govt agency????????????

again, if you are suggesting precautions, i think
every diver can learn from them and would be willing
to implement these suggestions themselves--they'd
be downright stupid and suicidal not to.


[[ps. not to come across harsh or critical, but that
one description of that one diver you posted above
is just a cheap shot: for every diver death you
post about, i can post about 100 other deaths involving
non-diving incidents; what's your point...?...i'd be more
concerned about child abuse deaths than diver deaths,
to tell the truth]]

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