apparently the locals are GLAD the 'yukon' is popular...

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Posted by kelphead on August 08, 2000 at 19:42:20:

In Reply to: Re: attn:mhk... posted by MHK on August 08, 2000 at 13:47:34:

it makes the other wrecks more accessible to them now,
as i learned this past weekend.

= : )

so, no we did not dive the 'yukon', but the 'ruby e'
instead. if i do dive the 'yukon', it would
obviously NOT be a penetration dive since i'm nowhere
near being capable of that.

((to tell the truth, i'm not such a big wreck fan
anyway, and would enjoy the older ones w/more life
on them than the newer 'barren' ones.))

anyway, i will indeed drop off the rig at 'reef seekers'
then. perhaps you can pick it up either thursday
or friday this week, if you can.

re:the ss vs al b.p., actually it was your suggestion
for me to go w/the al b.p. reason being that i have
more NONditchable wt than ditchable wt w/the ss.

again, i was only wearing ~6#'s total ditchable wt
this sat and will more than likely have to drop that
down even more (so only 4#'s total--2 on my ankles and
2 on my waist); hence, i thought i would need a
lighter b.p. if i want to increase my ditchable
wt to a more acceptable amt.

in addition to that, the rig is so damn heavy on my
back (even w/the little bit of 4#'s on my belt) that
i can't even bend forward while in a seated position.

i'm just a weakling who can't pull that much wt (hp80
steel tank, 13cuft pony bottle, ss b.p. and the sta)
on my back. in water i'm just dandy, but out of water
i have problems w/the wt on my back. also, i've realized
that carrying this rig is too much for my little legs.
so, beach diving would be more than a usual pain for me
in this rig if i have to do much walking in it (getting
out of the surf may prove almost impossible trying to stand
up on the beach).

...perhaps this doesn't make sense to you, but i think
i would like to try the al b.p. just to see if there
is any difference in comfort and ability out of water...

again, remember, i'm a wussy.

= ; b

thanx!! again.


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