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Posted by MHK on August 09, 2000 at 16:34:34:

In Reply to: ahhhhhh, that's so much better... posted by kelphead on August 09, 2000 at 15:48:52:

Yes on the AL BP.

But back to the other issue for a second. I don't care if someone stays outside the wreck. Of course, how to practically implement the policing could be difficult.

I'm focusing in on the penetration part. While no one hated regulations more than me, there is appropriate times for regs ( or whatever the hell you want to call them ;-) ). And I firmly believe that oe diving should be trained in such. Too much could go wrong, to many diver's have just * poked there head in * to never come out. I keep drawing the cave diving analogy because there is a wealth of data and statistics to pour over. And sadly there are also a lot of dead bodies to look at also.

The Yukon can very well be a positive thing for our community, but by the same token it could also cause some trouble or injuries. I always say that education is the key. Anyone who knows me, or has dived with me, or has attended one of my DIR demo's knows that I put safety first. I still believe that advanced diving can be accomplished but I firmly believe that you can't just open it up to everyone, without proper training and education, and hope things will work out.

This wreck is big, it's alluring, it's deep, it's dark, the signs that were initially installed for safety are now in fact, wrong and could mis lead, and even given this little go around on the bbs, it's clear that some attitudes need to be re-adjusted and that this wreck needs to be approached with respect, and not made available to someone who just got certified..

In addition to that, I would add as my RECOMMENDATIONS ( notice, not rules or regs or mandates )

1) Use Nitrox;

2) Run a line;

3) No solo diving;

4) have sufficent primary and back up lights;

5) Have a redundant air supply ( spare air's don't count ;-);

6) use proper kicking techniques;

7) proper cutting device;

and as stated above, training.


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