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Posted by SLANG on August 14, 2000 at 14:48:36:

In Reply to: Re: john, you are missing the point BIG TIME... posted by MHK on August 14, 2000 at 10:29:24:

While I can't speak for everyone who posted on this topic, I can tell you for sure that I, personally, was never questioning the value of OE training of some form for those who wanted to penetrate the inner depths of the Yukon. In fact, without going through the lengthy process of re-reading all the posts, I would have to agree with Shereen; I don't recall anyone ever claiming that wreck training had no value. And I know I never read any post where the author was demanding "there (sic) rights to kill themselves." I am not aware of anyone wants to die on this wreck. Some of us are merely protecting our rights to dive on it. You're advocating a position that would take that right away from me, all because you apparently believe that I'm not intelligent enough, or mature enough, to be in the same waters with this wreck without getting myself killed. I know you say that your recommendations only pertain to "penetration" dives, but the thing is, then you turn right around and say that if you were working the boat, no one without an OE cert of some sort would even be allowed on the boat.

Maybe YOU should re-read some of the posts more carefully. Jason's comments about it not being an OE dive were merely meant to remind everyone that the Yukon does not necessarily HAVE to be an OE dive. For the most part, all of the posts opposing your position are merely trying to state a few simple facts:

-Not having a "wreck" certification does not necessarily mean that a diver is going to die if they dive around the Yukon;

-HAVING a wreck cert does not guarantee a diver will NOT die on the Yukon;

-No single person nor agency is qualified to make the sweeping determination on which divers are qualified to dive the Yukon - to do it fairly would require evaluation on an diver-by-diver basis which is completely impractical;

-Unenforceable legislation (or rules/policies/requirements) is worse than meaningless;

-To date, you have no basis for your concerns other than what has happened in the past in Florida caves;

-California is not Florida.

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