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Posted by kelphead on August 17, 2000 at 15:54:46:

In Reply to: Re: ATTN:california dive community... posted by MHK on August 17, 2000 at 13:40:21:

thanx!! mike, i certainly didn't expect your offer,
but it will be greatly appreciated.

= : D

actually, we just as badly need volunteers to help
us get going for the month of september, which is
coming up soon--yikes!!!!

i don't know how to handle challenges like the one
you presented, soooo, do we wait until someone
posts their own offers here on the board...? or is
it done some other way...?...

in any event, thanx!!!!!!! again.

= : )

re:the dive flag tow, yeah, i definitely understand
what you mean especially if one dives in thick kelp or
if there are a bunch of divers diving off the same
site, etc.

i personally don't use a dive flag/tow myself since
i dive off boats that always display them or i dive
off beaches/shores that are not heavy w/boat traffic
(except for casino pt, but that's a known marine park).

but i think the clear message we want to send to
other divers is if it is conducive to dive w/a flag/float
to please do so no matter what!!!!! it is always
(or at least should be) in a diver's best interest
to always dive w/a flag to alert others. the rest
of the work is to educate others as to what those
flags mean. w/o the flag, though, we are completely
unprotected and could even be found at fault, or at
the very least won't get the results we would like
if we don't have something to represent us.

i do know that many divers dive off their own kayaks or
inflatables. while they may be diving in the kelp
bed, it certainly would be feasible to fly a dive flag
off their kayak/inflatable, or even use a stationary
dive float at the surface while being submerged several
feet away.

...don't know if i answered your q satisfactorally,
but that's the best i can do off the top of my
head right now...

well, folks, who else wants to step forward and
help us to help you out????

= : )


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