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Posted by seahunt on August 30, 2000 at 17:05:38:

In Reply to: You guys are SO full of crap . . . posted by SLANG on August 30, 2000 at 11:50:32:

I think their true agenda is to claim that most all rec diving is
actually tech diving.
I have no trouble with this discussion of
tech and rec, but where I have uneasiness is that I keep getting
the feeling that some people are trying to promote that all dives
are tech dives (tactical situations). The assumption was made that
rec divers could not go to look at a wreck, because they might put
their head in a hatch and they needed to be a tech diver with a
reel and etc. to do that. Also, I am not sure what limits people
are pushing, but it seems that any dive past about 80 feet becomes
a tech dive, because it should only be done on a gas mix. The
*virtual* overhead does the same thing. It makes rec dives into
tech dives and who knows where that goes.
Realistically, when you dive, you don't know just what you are
getting into. That is much of the attraction of diving. I get the
feeling though that I am going to hear that that unknown quanity
requires tech training and gear for every dive. Hey, the bottom is
not flat.
I would really like a straight answer from the techs as to where
things like hunting and photog fit into all this, let alone a
simple sport diver like me. I get the clear impression that
diving with a buddy is more important to them than
I want to do 7 tanks when I'm out for a full day. I'm supposed
to ask a buddy to join me for that? I've used up 3 buddies in
a day at Cortez when they required us to buddy.
Some of these things that they claim are for safety seem to me to be
just the opposite. You can't use air past a certain depth, because
of the hazard of narcosis and DCS. So they introduce a whole new
hazard from EAN. If they are so down on the hazards of diving, why
are they pushing so hard into realms that nobody used to touch
because of the hazards? Then it's not just technique and gear. A
fair sized element of luck gets introduced too.
And SLANG, you mentioned that people know what you like to do and
accept that. Many years ago, I took my Mother on the Peace for a
Wednesday open boat, ostensibly to assure everyone there that she
knew me quite well indeed.
Enjoy your diving, seahunt

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