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Posted by Chris on September 01, 2000 at 21:37:27:

In Reply to: Criteria for Solo Diving posted by Ken Kurtis on September 01, 2000 at 11:15:53:

I am surprised that I mostly agree with you that only experienced divers should dive solo, however I have some differences with your specific points.

1.You're very experienced. (100 dives or more) - I agree, I did not begin to dive solo until I had about 200 dives. I also began diving without a BC at about 500 dives.

2. You're familiar with the area. - I disagree, I often dive new sites alone. As a avid hunter and I like to go places (surge, white water, high current areas) that most divers are not willing to go or are beyond their capabilities. One should not ever dive beyond ones capabilities.

3. You're feeling 100% - I disagree. One should never undertake any dive you do not feel up to, if it is with a buddy or solo. However, I have often gone diving when not 100% and in such cases I am much more conservative about what I do. As stated before, one should never dive beyond ones capabilities.

When diving from a boat, someone should always stay aboard incase a current comes up, or some other situation arises. When Curt and I dive from his zodiac, one person always stays aboard, while the other dives. This is far safer than both of us being in the water and no one aboard the boat.

I beach dive solo, 3-10 times / year. That is because I live at the beach, and when I wake up and look out and see that water has that nice blue color .. it's time to dive!

Chris Grossman

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