Re: Beware of the Dinosaurs! by a Naive diver

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Posted by Mike Meagher the Dinosaur Diver on September 06, 2000 at 21:58:29:

In Reply to: Re: Beware of the Dinosaurs! posted by Jason on September 06, 2000 at 01:41:53:

Sure, whats wrong with deep air?

Yes, over 150' on air and things do get serious,
but it can be done. By a skilled, prepared, and
mentally conditioned diver.
Tim and I did it many, many times.
And sometimes deeper...yet.

The Navy tables have worked very well for us.
We've made several hundred deep air dives to the
120'+ range, plus THOUSANDS of repetitive dives
using NAVY numbers, and we NEVER got bent.
So, dinosaur or not, I'm trying to figure what has you thinking is so bad about Navy tables? Or perhaps you blindlessly listen to those "experts"?

One other point:

I'd beware of the experts you idolize.

I think you are very naive if you really believe
certain persons (i.e. Mr. Kane) NEVER dives alone.
Have you personally watched him make every one of his dives? I doubt it.

I do not know him, and I'm sure he's a good guy. But unless you are his personal valet, then you are very likey naive.

Thats my point. Some folks, I'm sure not Mr. Kane, I'm sure, but some of the "experts" will tell one thing to the young, naive divers, while at the same time do something totally different.

These are the ones I was trying to warn you about.

I have a friend who's a dive boat captain. He sees a lot of happenings when he's topside. He sees who goes in the water and who their buddy is, and he sees the ones that ditch their buddys and who comes out alone. Or he sees the ones who dive alone. You might be suprised...

And come on. I've known way too many dive shop owners over the years, and have watched EVERY ONE say "this such n such is the best thing..."
only to change vendors, and later now
"this such ns such is now the best..."
and when something else comes along...
change story again.
They say the same about the boats they charter.
They say the same about the suits they sell.
The regulators, the computers, even the Nitrox they try to sell you.
Just remember.

They are in the business to sell stuff.

Thats how they put food on the table.
Thats OK.

But you decide what works, and does not.

I've dove with just about every type of gear invented. Even the new "tech" stuff.
It all works.
Its the diver that makes a good diver, not the gear. (the exception is exposure protection)

I've learned lots in since I've been diving since '76. Still have lots to learn. But I'm not naive.

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