Gonna Dive - It's another Stealth Mission

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Posted by seahunt on November 04, 1999 at 19:04:24:

I just can't wait. It's calm. It's all set. Take the day off
for some sleep. Drive to the boat early. The killers will show
by 6. It's a fast ride there.
Lem says we'll hit that place we went last year when I forgot
my bag. The good part is that there are big bugs there. Lem
hasn't been there yet. The not so good part is dropping to 125
feet next to that shadowed vertical rock wall. You want to see
inky black. That's it. It just sucks up the light. Oh, yah. It's
actually a smallish pinnacle for 4 divers. If the others go, it's
going to be the fast diver that gets the lobsters. That's Lem and
Then we'll try shallow and see if the bugs have come up. That's
my dive. Crawl along the wall and see if I can chase a bug out
of the water. Everyone else will stay deeper.
Then we'll do the long swim. That's Lem and me. Swim, swim and
swim some more. By the time you find where they anchored the boat,
you're so cold that you are slightly delirious. But no matter
how long the swim is, be careful taking shortcuts across the cove
mouths. You may find yourself a long way out there. I'll see if I
can make my air last half the swim this time. When you're on the
surface, it's nicer to turn off your light and look at the stars
along the cliffs for a guide. Maybe I'll see a shooting star. I
like that.
Then one last time we will take our turn at the seat of judgement
where the shorts are divided from the legals.
Then to a deep sleep, though I have seen Lem grabbing at something
in his slumber, I can only guess what.
A couple of day dives and homeward bound, back to an OK reality,
that is too dry for my fun. I hope the little girl has been nice
to my parole officer (wife) or she won't let me go back for my
December swim.
Well, I hope it turns out that way. Am I day dreaming again. I
can't imagine why. I'm sure the reality will be colder and far
more fun. I'll tell you about it next week.
Enjoy the diving, seahunt

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