Re: Use of Dramamine/ Sudafed

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Posted by JRM on September 19, 2000 at 15:32:31:

In Reply to: Use of Dramamine/ Sudafed posted by skelly on September 19, 2000 at 11:20:32:

Did they do a study to discover the mental tax of puking your guts out for two hours? I think I'd be more worried about narcosis and cold. Oh, and ego. Has anyone done a study on the effects of compression and ego on a diver's disposition to do something stupid?


Here's a grin note for everyone:

When I was in college we had to do this research cruise. Now we were all geologists, quite used to sniffing dirt. So we end up on this boat, and are instantly getting razzed by the "oceanography" folk who think we don't know jack. Well, the ring leader was this young lady who kept telling us how pitifull we were. Well, then we left the dock. She had taken a double dose of dramamine, was wearing a patch, and these wierd elastic things on her wrists and ankles (some sort of pressure therapy), all to ward off the pukes. To no avail. While we ground-pounders were in the galley eating, she was out hung over the rail eating inversely. After managing to calm down her stomach she decided to try and show us what a great sonar analyst she was. Oops, probably shouldn't have tried to read, because back over the rail she went. We really didn't have much trouble with them after the first day. If I never hear another high powered sonar set again it will be too soon :-)

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