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Posted by HD on September 20, 2000 at 12:18:25:

In Reply to: Use of Dramamine/ Sudafed posted by skelly on September 19, 2000 at 11:20:32:

OK...this "study" put 30 divers into a chamber after taking the described items and wondered why the subjects (who injested the dramamine) "mental functioning and judgment, heart rates and rhythms" were affected. We all should initially agree that fatigue will affect "mental functioning and judgment and heart rates and rhythms".

Dramamine is a sedative. Non-drousy Sudafed is not quite a sedative. I would think that if you put those same people in the water (diving) instead of the chamber (sitting there doing nothing) the results would have been different.

To analogize: take a dramamine and go sit on your patio in a lawn chair...see what get sleepy. Take that same dramamine and go for a jog...I really don't think you would feel the same effects. The "study" was a waste of time. I could have given you the same results while sitting here in my office.

There has been such a great use of sudafed by divers for clearing problems that I think the use is an accepted practice. Sudafed rarely has disagreeable side effects. Dramamine does make you sleepy. No questions here.

Just for information....a sea sickness medication which I have used for a long time is Bonine. It is sold at most pharmacies over the counter (without prescription). It comes in a "non-drousy" formula and works (and it does work) for approximately 24 hours at a time with one chewable (and small) tablet. You need approx 4-6 doses of Dramamine for the same time period. The possibilty of missing the additional dose could result in a lack of protection.

To say this is a valid and accurate study would be like comparing apples to oranges. The only way to make this an accurate study would be to put those 30 people in the environment in which they are expected to perform and measure the results again. That environment being a diving environment.

Pittsburgh?....are you listening?

My four cents...had to cough up another two due to inflation. See ya on the dive boats. HD.

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